Bianca Garza is a freelance photographer based in the Midwest. Born and raised in Ohio, she received a bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Technology from Bowling Green State University in 2012.

For information on rates, availability, and prints, contact Bianca by using the form below, or at (419) 206-0883

Artist Statement

Through photography, an identity is built not just through what one chooses to photograph, but more importantly, how that person chooses to photograph it. My subject matter may vary from project to project, but ultimately I use the medium of photography to work through my conflicting need for both intense control and a great desire to let go.

Using the camera to cement things in proper order within a frame gives me a great sense of relief. It is a feeling that I have the power to bring elements of the world into balance in some way. However, this absolute obsession with spatial rigidity is often coupled with an aim to capture a transitory moment within that highly controlled space.

By operating in this manner – regardless of my subject or even the tone of my images – the deeply autobiographical act of photography allows me to participate in a constructive game of grasp and release. It is a balancing act that I am constantly struggling to bring into other aspects of my whole being.

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